Assistant shooter to Louis Pang

Louis Pang, a wedding photographer based in Sabah that has made many photographer inspired with his achievement not only in Malaysia, but internationally. Despite of his long list of awards achievements in the wedding photography industry, it could be sometime intimidating with the speculating thoughts of “Is he friendly in person?”, “Is he an easy person and approachable?”, “Will I get scold by him today assisting him?”. Yes,  I am fortunate to assist him on several wedding shoots of his client and during those occasions I’m glad I came to know him as a very approachable and down to earth character person. I am glad when I was asked to be his second shooter for his client’s wedding this weekend which was held at Mentakab, Pahang. It’s a very rewarding experience for me spending time with him over the weekends because able to learned so much from him not only on this business but also the right attitude towards the business. The great personality of humbleness he portrayed himself as a well known professional photographer in this industry truly inspired me in a lot of ways including achieve better results in my work in near future. What a great way celebrating my September birthday over the weekend : )

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