Children of Taarana

Story: Being a photographer, we are blessed not with our equipments but people that we meet in our life. At least, that’s the way how I see my passion to photography and this very career path I’ve chose. I always felt we could do something more as a photographer, giving back to the society in some way with our skills. It was one of the afternoon at lunch, there is this group of teachers with a few children with mental challenge caught my attention. I took my first step by offering my volunteer work if they ever needed a photographer. It took them by surprise and so did I. I believe in people meeting people by fate and that’s exactly what happen to us. They needed a photographer urgently for a coming show of the children performing on stage. The volunteer work has paid off as the pleasure is all mine, I’ve learned so much from the children. I don’t see them any different from other children except they may have difficulty coping up with their own emotions but they are just as smart and adorable. In the view finder, I see a group of children trying very hard (fighting the mental or physical challenge) to dance on stage, best of all they are enjoying it, the experience is overwhelming for me. Their source of being happy is much simpler than the next child at a mall yelling his/her parents buying him/her for a iPad 2.


Standing tall on stage
Standing tall on stage

Children of Taarana Portraits

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