Confidence back with Epson Malaysia

Choose your soldiers carefully, especially those you want them charge for their commander at the front line of the battlefield. You want someone that is courageous, but also smart in the battle field. You don’t need some soldier charges at a obviously outnumbered enemy site like a wild boar and get killed before he could pull his trigger to open fire. Like a virgin, his gun and bullets that hasn’t been fired lying on the ground awaits its new owner (most likely his enemy) to revive her again. You want the soldier that reports to their commander the status at enemy site and how to win the battle with smart tactics. I was surprised when Epson Malaysia contacted me and didn’t knew about my unhappy experience of their dealer (Macstream)┬áservices to me a month ago. Apparently their dealer did not report to them about the WIFI issue on my newly bought Epson printer not working properly. As mentioned in previous blog post, I was not happy with the dealer quick to collect their “miscounted” balance but missing in actions to my printer being incomplete without the WIFI / Print CD functioning accordingly. Apparently the installation CD is struggling on its compatibility to the new Lion OS System which was release at 1 July 2011. “Perhaps you should downgrade your OS system to Leopard” is the worst comment I’ve ever heard to a Mac user. That is the very word from the dealer to me on the phone. The marketing manager of Epson Malaysia apologized to me on the phone after reading my blog post on this issue and immediately set up an appointment the next morning and have the problem solved. I’m glad they took the immediate initiative and effort to claim back their customer’s confidence by fixing the problem. As simple as that, that’s how you win your customer’s brand confidence back, fixing their problem. My Epson R2000 printer is now very satisfying and running smoothly. To be fair, I’ve deleted the previous blog post to show my sincere acceptance of their apologies. This is a perfect example of how some “bad apples” in the market that is representing a corporate’s product brand can spoilt the market confidence due to their lazy after sales services, worst of all, running away from it.

Thanks, Epson Malaysia. I am looking forward (if possible) to deal directly from you guys in future when I need upgrade of printer system to my business.

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