Basic Photography course

Note: This is the most popular and most demand course. The course module is designed for easy understand and easy to follow : )

Who ?

Who ? 

Who should take this course ? Anyone who are new to photography. Anyone who are new to his/her newly bought Iphone, compact camera, Semi-pro compact camera and Digital SLR.  Anyone who want to go beyond “Auto” or “P” mode (Note:” P” doesn’t stands for professional) on his/her camera taking photos. Other words, Anyone who want to shoot photos using manual mode on his/her camera. Let’s ask ourselves a question here, how many of us do read the manual book that came along with our newly bought camera? I’m guessing majority No. If you want to go straight ahead into knowing the basics of operating your camera, exploring the techniques you need and start shooting beautiful pictures, this is the right course for you !

My course Style

I will not sit you through a long and boring theory class, that’s for sure ! At least that’s not how I want myself to be taught if I sign up myself for photography class. That’s not how I learned photography. You can read truck load of these technical stuff /information online, books and magazines. Don’t worry, we will still explain some of basics that you need to know but in more unconventional way (Hint: game). Composition, shutter speed, aperture, white balance, metering are few that will get you started. After that, is all about business in the field, we go shoot right away! At the end of the course, it is my aim to ensure you that at the end of the day, you learned photography with a whole new perspective and most importantly, fun ! What’s the point of photography if you can’t enjoy it, right ?

Time / Duration

2 sessions (3 hours per session) Usually Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday.

First we will start with some game and knowing one another (new friend), the followed by covering some basics of photography & sharing my tips and tricks, after this we will go out to the field for practical photo shooting and lastly photo critique/review session of one another’s work and just chill out.

Course fee

RM380 Individual (One on One course).

RM180 per pax for Group of 6 – 8 ppl max (Group course)

If you brought another friend joining the course, special discount available

Optional * If you bringing a group, lower rate can be discuss

Optional * model arrangement is available for photo shoot purpose


Mainly public areas around KL and PJ. Special arrangement can be made for other interesting venue (For example: Cameron Highland)

Participants basic photography
Participants at basic photography course

What you will be learning :

Photography to YOU

Knowing you camera limits

Basic Composition

Basic control: Shutter -Aperture -ISO -metering-white balance

Basic Flash

Preview: Finding available light

What you will get at the end of course:

PDF format copy of important keynotes of my slides will be given

Paper and pen will be provided to take note if needed

Feel free to discuss with me for course arrangement as above



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