Jessica Lip + Ares Wong {Actual Wedding Day}

4.28 , It’s a very special day to our client for their actual wedding day held at Taiping. It’s such a beautiful city town with amazing nature setting. Did I mention the trees in this city are just so beautiful to look at. At this very same day, it also marked as one of the important day into the history book of Malaysia. It’s the actual day of Bersih 3.0 also. More than 50,000 Malaysian citizen gathered at Dataran Merdeka with fair agenda demanding the government a clean election for future election to come . Unfortunately a peaceful rally demonstrated by public turned ugly when the law enforcement officers (policemen) under the influence of government authority suddenly charged at innocent citizen with fist and kicks, shooting tear gas and strong water cannon towards the innocent and unarmed crowds. Despite being 300km away from KL, we still want to contribute our support to these brothers and sister at the Bersih 3.0 so we brought the official Bersih Yellow T-shirt with us. Our bride and groom say yes giving their support of letting us wearing the yellow shirt throughout their wedding day . We received many thumb up from their wedding guest too. Congratulations to Jessica and Ares, two of you rock !

Jessica Lip AWD
Jessica Lip and Ares Wong actual wedding day
Collage Jessica Lip 2
Jessica Lip and Ares Wong actual wedding day
Collage Jessica Lip 2
“The Chinese wedding game always”
Jessica Lip Dinner
Dinner session

Jessica & Ares AWD slides

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