Our love story { Chee Meng & Poh Choo}

I couldn’t think of any more romantic day throughout the year than to celebrate your wedding anniversary with your best half on the Christmas day every year. That’s exactly what Chee Meng & Poh Choo are creating and to start their new chapter of their married life on 25 December 2011 with Christmas mood – Joy. Now the groom has no excuse to forget his wedding anniversary and the arrangement of celebration with his wife.  The bride lives very far and it was the longest trip I’ve ever followed from the bride house to groom house, the journey took 1 hour but didn’t felt like one cause I’m just as excited as the bride to capture this very important moment of their new chapter of life. It was a warm hearted, full of christmas holiday spirit throughout the wedding day & night ceremony : ) Merry Christmas, Ho ho ho !

P.S. Love the little girl loves imitating the adults yelling her lungs out “Yum Sing” with her glass of water , she is so adorable : )


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