Shobana love story {Pre wedding}

Putrajaya – Looking at my watch, my client won’t be arriving shortly so I thought give my car tyre some air at the petrol station and marks the beginning of chaos throughout that day, almost. One of my car back tyre went flat during the process of adding air , weird isn’t it? The four knots tighten on that flat tyre are so tight from the last car mechanic at car service. I’ve tried to loosen the knots using the came-with-the-car purchase-useless cross tool with my full strength but still failed. Scrapped off a small chunk of skin on one of my finger during the process. Luckily its the finger on the left hand, not my shooting right hand. My clothes are soaked up with sweats when my client arrived. Left my car at the petrol station and hopped in my client’s car for the shoot of the day. My shoe bottom came off and I had to borrow my client’s extra pair of sport shoe in his car. Fortunately the shoe sizes matches my feet. The shooting went on smoothly which is something I’m most grateful for that day. It only starts raining towards the end of the shooting. The rain turned heavier by the time I got back to the petrol station feeling all alone waiting the car mechanic called earlier to arrive. Waited almost an hour and get being yelled at when I make a reminder call to the the car mechanic if he’s arriving any time soon. I didn’t want to fight back with him cause I need his man to fixed my car’s tyre. An hour later they showed up, he left one of his man with me and they have better tools as it takes them less than 10 minutes finishing changing the tyre. I really need to get one of their tools at ACE hardware shop one of these days. Last and final, I couldn’t have the burger whicht was advertised in the TV commercial that makes you shines like a celebrity at the KFC outlet because the middle aged woman in front of me not only took her entire 15 -20 minutes ordering her food but also snatched the last Double Zinger burger from me. Talk about tough love on a day, this is certainly one of them. However, I’m glad I kept my head cool not to be bothered by this chain reactions of unfortunate mini-series one leading to another and finished what I came out for that day which is capturing the love story of my clients. Besides, I’m just grateful that The All Mighty above was mercy enough and gave me the daylight needed for the shoot before it turned into a¬†wet cacophony. Thank you : )

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