Stanley Tan + Joyce Soh love story {AWD}

Fast and Furious, Lady Gaga, Angry Bird, Performer in Chinese Opera mask disguise, Queens of karaoke, all the elements during Stanley & Joyce wedding day! What a wedding. It’s my good friend’s brother’s wedding and I’m glad being offered to shoot his brother’s wedding at Jenjarom. Before this, I only knew the famous chinese temple in Jenjarom which is always crowded every year during Chinese New Year without fail. Now I learned a lot of Chinese lives there and their food are really cheap and delicious, only RM3 for a Pan Mee, you can’t get that in KL. In a Chinese wedding, the “game” before the groom gets to fetch his lady away always fascinates me. It shows you how far the “brothers” would go for their friend-groom successfully meeting his bride in the final stage. I still couldn’t forget the image of one of groom’s “brother” has to eat the fruit hanging around …you know where..with eyes covered, I can’t imagine myself doing it. No, I can’t.

At the end of the wedding, everyone has a lot of fun during the dinner session. Especially the part where Lady Gaga entertaining the crowds. She or he is really good in entertaining the crowds. I remember seeing some of the male guest kissed / dance / hugged her despite She’s actually “He”.  It was a fun wedding.


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