Daddy’s girl sneak preview { father and daughter portrait }

520 我爱你

[ Daddy’s girl ] French daddy (Spain mommy)

好感动。首先是西班牙籍母亲替先生安排这次surprise的生日礼物给她先生与女儿的单独拍摄专辑。先生是到了摄影棚门口才知道今天要拍照。据女客户说这两父女感情非常好,每天在家扮小公主,爸爸需扮成王子来迎接公主 (爸爸心里是该有多感动啊)

p.s. 完全遵照小女孩意思执行摄影流程 ,三岁就如此有想法哦。

A surprise photoshoot arranged from wife for her husband and their little daughter. They are like best friends at home says the wife. She’s the princess and her dad’s the prince at home.
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prince and princess
Daddy’s little princess

Happy New Year 2017 to all our clients !

Summary : Happy New Year 2017 to all of our clients and it has been a blessing year for us in 2016 with so many beautiful family of our clients and weddings, and we hope for another further prosperous year in 2017 ! Thank you giving us such an blessed moments shared with your family during our spend together during photoshoot. We are so looking forward seeing you all again !


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We are so blessed to be given the chance to share the big moments of all our clients

Zhi Xuen with her 1st cake { Cake smashing }

Summary : Zhi Xuen is slow to hype up when arrived at our studio, a totally new environment requires some time for her to adapt to but not till when the cake arrive in front of her. It was a messy business. Her cute expression of looking all miserable that the adult are not stopping her but encouraging her to mess up the place. It was a fun afternoon with Zhi Xuen, including the  cleaning up afterwards.

Cake smashing photography
Look, my 1st cake !
Cake smashing photography
It’s a messy business, someone gotta do it !
Cake smashing photography
It’s a messy business, someone gotta do it !
Cake smashing photography
It’s a messy business, someone gotta do it !
Cake smashing photography
It’s a messy business, someone gotta do it !


One fine day with Yati’s family { Family portrait – outdoor theme }

I love outdoor shooting ! When Yati called us for her family portrait at outdoor, I’m thrilled. I love shooting for Malay’s family because there’s something about them attracted me. I guess it’s their quality of kind hearted and humble personality from my encounter experiences. Especially their children seem to be more obedient and polite compare to other children I’ve encountered. It’s their culture I guess. Beautiful lighting goes to people willing to be with the photographer in the early morning : )


Mother’s Day Special 2013

Mindy with her lovely daughter
Mindy with her lovely daughter


Summary: This year we decided to do something very special on this special date to all moms out there ! Yes, we are giving away One portrait of 8” x 12” photo print to you and your mom. Isn’t this best gift for you and your mom on this special day ? What’s the catch ? None at all ! Just something we want to give back to society, just a small gift from us to you and your mom : )

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