One thought on “Family portrait Studio packages

      1. Hello vincent , may I know the price for the family portrait package ?? Got include the dress and make up ?

  1. Hi, will you be able to quote me for basic and premium package? Does this cover makeup and hair?

  2. Hello…..
    Pls quote me for the following family portrait (indoor)
    1) 2 adults + 1 kid + 1 baby (1.5yo)
    2) 7 adults + 1 kid + 2 babies (1.5yo & 3mths)

  3. Dear Vincent,

    would like to ask the packages for graduation + family portrait up to 9 adults + 5 kids . send to


  4. Hi Vincent,
    Can you please quote me the family portrait packages ( 2 adults 2 kids )that you have?

  5. Hi Vincent, plan for a family portrait, 13 adults & 5 kids. Indoor studio shooting.
    Please email me details for packages. Thanks.

  6. Hi,

    can i please get a quote to have family photograph done for
    1. 2 adults + 1 child (5 years old)
    2. 7 Adults + 2 Child (3 & 5 years old)



  7. hello, may I have quotation for family portrait?(5 adults in total) Is it possible the appointment arranged after 5pm on 19 Aug?

  8. Hi Vincent, can u give us the quote of simple and warm indoor family package for 3 (father, mother and a 10 year old boy) to celebrate our 20th ROM. Proposed date taken on 17.3.2019

    Thank you very much

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