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36th wedding anniversary celebration

Last week I was asked by one of my dear friend to photo shoot his parent-in-law celebrating of their 36th wedding anniversary together ,  I say yes simply the picture of two person being together for 36 years worth its weight in gold if not diamond (probably 50 years of wedding anniversary qualify for diamond) They have a big family compare to us with only my mom and my sister (R.I.P our beloved dad and loving husband) , so you can imagine the atmosphere are hustle and bustle in the restaurant we’re in (Double Tree by Hilton Hotel) including four of their grandchildren running around while one is just six month old still learning to crawl. I like big family, that’s about the size I want when I have my own family : )

36th wedding anniversary
36th wedding anniversary celebration and family reunion over lunch at Double Tree by Hilton Malaysia
36th wedding anniversary_2
Moment of joy and celebration