”Importance of else where, strangeness make sense” , a quote I’ve read from some travel article. I love this quote very much as it summed up perfectly what travel means to me.  Since year 2007, my personal agenda is to at least backpack travel to one country every year. Curiosity plays a big part in my travel diary, whether it’s the amazing landscape, the culture or the people, it never fails to amaze me. More importantly it inspires me with new thinking and ideas to our work, our life, our relationship with one another and ourselves. It happened very often that whether I’m sitting on a local train admiring the landscape outside the window or waiting with my tripod for the round egg yolk sun to drop (sunset) at the peak of Angkor Wat temple’s platform. Being a photographer especially in this ever growing competitive industry, we’re sometime easily fooled into stagnant in ideas for our clients when our work volumes increases. Sound ironic but it’s true. Therefore I always find time to travel to get inspired and only then we get to provide inspirations to our clients and others.

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