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Christine + Tristan {Seam Reap, Angkor Wat}

Summary: About a month ago, I received an email request from Christine and Tristan that they’ve been backpacked throughout most part of south east asia countries for the past two months, nothing comes as exotic as the landscape of Angkor Wat and they wanted a photo session here, I couldn’t be more excited as Angkor Wat has always been one of my favourite place for photo shoot destination for clients or travel purposes. In our first meeting at their hotel, they were very outspoken and friendly couple which excites me throughout the entire photo shoot session. I love clients that outspoken, communicates and adventurous to try out suggestions from photographers. I remember there were one moment I’ve suggested to them that it would be nice if they could climb up there’s this one gorgeous looking big tree for a photo, before I could re-confirm with them, Christine has already made her moves climbing up the tree, and so is Tristan. Compare to most of Asian couples I’ve met, not many of them will show enthusiasm if you ask them to climb rocks / trees. I must say we were all very blessed that day with beautiful sunny day and manageable crowds at times of photo shoot. Other than our photo trip, I’m also very grateful they’ve recommended me to see the Phare Circus at Siem Reap. It was just truly an amazing experience. I’m glad to meet Christine and Tristan in this unforgettable photo journey with them and hope to see them again, probably visiting their new home in Boston in near future.



ancient city
Ta Prohm, where Angelina’s Tomb Raiders movie was shot. Just amazing stunning ancient architectural work
Near Bayon
Tristan and Christine enjoying the warmth blessing from the sunlight
Angkor Wat
Tristan and Christine with Angkor Wat at the background
Ta Prohm
Eternity comes up in my mind when I compose this picture.
Beautiful sky with gorgeous architectural structure of the ancient empire
One of my favourite photo. Love has no religion boundaries.

Pre-wedding and portrait session at Vietnam

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Pre wedding session 1
Pre wedding portrait session 1
Pre-wedding session 1 Hanoi
Pre-wedding portrait session 1 Hanoi
Pre wedding session 2
Pre wedding portrait session 2

Other portrait session:

Portrait session 1 - Hoi An
Portrait session 1 with traditional Vietnamese ao dai – Hoi An


Portrait session 2
Portrait session 2 with traditional Vietnamese ao dai – Hanoi
Portrait session 2 with traditional Vietnamese ao dai - Hanoi
Portrait session 2 with traditional Vietnamese ao dai – Hanoi
Vietnamese modern looking girl with her bicycle at Ho Kiem Lake - Hanoi
Vietnamese modern looking girl with her bicycle at Ho Kiem Lake – Hanoi
Modern city setting of portrait session at Saigon
Modern city setting of portrait session at Saigon

Photo Tour arrangements

Dear All,

Backpacker at heart started from year 2007, I’ve traveled to countries like Vietnam (Saigon – Hanoi) , Cambodia (Siem Reap) , Myanmar (Yangon-Mandalay-Bagan-Inle Lake) and Laos. I’ve gained well vast of knowledge being your travel guide / photo guide to these countries. This include arrangement of accommodations, transport, entrance tickets to heritage places (if any), meal, model shooting (upon request) and hidden paradise of these beautiful countries I’ve came to know throughout years of traveling & the sharing from the locals. Don’t take ordinary travel photos, take photos with stories that attach to your heart & journey experiences. Don’t be an ordinary tourist not learning the local cultures & foods that you should try. I will guide you in these areas from my past experience and most importantly enjoying the whole trip with a group of people shared the same interest (Backpacker at heart) & making new friends : )

If you have a group of friends need my service as above,  or you’re alone but want to check with me on any tour availability, please check with me !

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Contact me directly at 016 203 8082