Wendy + Melvin {Bride dinner @ Bukit Mertajam}


Summary: Have you ever imagine how it will be like if were to host your own wedding dinner at your own school hall? That’s where my client & friend (bride) chose for her wedding dinner venue. I personally think it’s sweet experience. The thing about small town’s wedding dinner  (actually it’s not small, over 60 tables) is always its people with the dinner environment. People there actually exchanging conversations with one another instead of busying staring at their phone & gadgets. Children ran around as they should be. What surprises me on that night or should I say in a Chinese wedding dinner is that there’s actually a dancing floor for everyone. I’ve seen the dance rehearsal from the bride’s parents (members of dancing academy, how cool is that!) and their efforts paid off ! They put up a splendid performance on the dance floor. It is all party after that : )

p.s. I am so looking forward to my over 2o years good buddy Melvin’s actual wedding day & dinner this coming weekend : )

Wedding dinner at Bukit Mertajam
Congratulations to Wendy + Melvin
Champagne pour symbolise éternité in mariage
Champagne pour symbolise éternité in mariage
moment of joy
The spirit is high on the dance floor
The spirit is high on the dance floor


Bride's parents dancing performance
Bride’s parents dancing performance



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