Little baby rooster { baby portrait }





creative portrait
Baby girl in baby rooster costume
拍摄完毕 IT’S A WRAP
宝宝一岁摄影 砸蛋糕日记
今天我和客户(宝宝母亲)说,你这套衣服好应景,最近全国最热的话题 : )
I said to the baby girl’s mom, what a costume. Baby girl born in year of rooster. Has nothing to do with the one and evil rooster : )
Photographer Vincent Lee
Vincent Lee Studio
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Love, Charlotte { Baby portrait }


baby girl photo shoot
Baby Charlotte , 9 months , trying her best effort here for the artistic taste of pose 

Little photographer in the making { Family portrait I Studio }


Summary : Such a joy to see someone at this young age ( 2 ) holds so much interest with the camera. I foresee one little photographer in the making this morning : )


Happy New Year 2017 to all our clients !

Summary : Happy New Year 2017 to all of our clients and it has been a blessing year for us in 2016 with so many beautiful family of our clients and weddings, and we hope for another further prosperous year in 2017 ! Thank you giving us such an blessed moments shared with your family during our spend together during photoshoot. We are so looking forward seeing you all again !


Pre-wedding, wedding, actual-day, maternity, newborn, baby, family, ROM,
We are so blessed to be given the chance to share the big moments of all our clients

Hannah { Baby girl portrait }

Summary : What’s the name that read backwards are same as its original name. Meet baby Hannah from Singapore. It’s such a wonderful afternoon spent with both parents with their newborn baby girl. I’m so glad most of my clients are always so kind and sporting to any crazy ideas I have , that’s why I’ve always shoot over time, bad for business but good for my client, to have more photos : )

baby, portrait, newborn
I just can’t stop laughing
baby, portrait, newborn
Beautiful family of client Siti with their beautiful daughter
baby, portrait, newborn
I know I’m cute, stop staring
baby, portrait, newborn
I’m so cute, I can’t stop admiring myself.

Vincent Lee studio 2016 _ An Introduction about our studio

Vincent Lee Studio promo 2016 from Vincent Lee on Vimeo.


Summary: This is a rather different genre of post. Today we would like to take the time expressing our gratitude to Cheryl and Dan for their support to us since their couple portrait, convocation, ROM to their family portrait with their baby boy Caiden. You have no idea how emotional we are when flipping through our client’s photo and finding a loyal customer like Cheryl and Dan been supporting us since the year of 2012 and trusting us from the beginning till this day.

Therefore, we would like to give her back something in return to show how much she and her family meant to us in coming future , they are more than just client but family members to us and we meant this. We would like to give her this very special VIP discount voucher exclusively for her.

VIP discount voucher, family portrait, baby photoshoot.
Exclusive for our dear friend and like our family members- Cheryl Caide and her family.
Baby, photo, malaysia, loyal, family, candid, moment,
Supporting us since couple with her boyfriend now husband, convocation, ROM till the arrival of baby Caiden


I need my nap { creative baby portrait }

Summary : I was lately very inspired by some of the creative theme for baby shoot, so decided to start my own for my client’s baby boy ADEN today.


creative baby portrait
I need my nap now !

Zhi Xuen with her 1st cake { Cake smashing }

Summary : Zhi Xuen is slow to hype up when arrived at our studio, a totally new environment requires some time for her to adapt to but not till when the cake arrive in front of her. It was a messy business. Her cute expression of looking all miserable that the adult are not stopping her but encouraging her to mess up the place. It was a fun afternoon with Zhi Xuen, including the  cleaning up afterwards.

Cake smashing photography
Look, my 1st cake !
Cake smashing photography
It’s a messy business, someone gotta do it !
Cake smashing photography
It’s a messy business, someone gotta do it !
Cake smashing photography
It’s a messy business, someone gotta do it !
Cake smashing photography
It’s a messy business, someone gotta do it !