pre-wedding, photography

Take my hand 牵我的手

pre-wedding, photography
Take my hand for our new chapter of life, our love of eternity.


Summary: Inspired from the photographer #Murad Osmann famous holding girlfriend hands around the work series of images, I’ve always wanted to create one of my own with my wedding client and finally waited the chance to do it. I really like how the final image turned out, hope my client likes it too.

非常喜歡之前構思過及最後呈現出來的畫面效果,海闊天空的張力讓這牽手猶如海誓山盟的象徵。我必須承認靈感來自於#Murad Osmann攝影師那紅透半邊天牽著女朋友手環繞世界的一系列照片比起來,我只是牛刀小試而已,希望客戶也如我喜歡這張圖。

Vannessa + Michael

Photographer : Vincent Lee

Make-up /stylist by : Kit Hew