Stefan Germann { Family portrait }

Summary: Meet Stefan family ! I’m greatly delighted when I was called up to shoot their family portrait. Stefan has such a beautiful family, brings back great memories of many families I’ve known when I was in Canada that share the similar diversity cultural background in a family. They are so sporting which makes the photo shoot lots of fun and most importantly, a great quality time spend together !

Stefan family portrait "Having fun"
Stefan family portrait “Having fun”
Stefan family portrait "Great time"
Stefan family portrait “Great time”

VLP behind the scene making-of video slideshow :

Andrew + Vicky ‘s { Family portrait }

Andrew and Vicky with their two gorgeous boys
Andrew and Vicky with their two gorgeous boys
Meet Billy
Meet Billy
Family Fun time with blowing bubbles
Family Fun time with blowing bubbles

Summary: I’ve met Andrew through one of my photography class. His politeness in meeting everyone around him is my first impression of him. He is truly a good friend to have and I was so delighted when was asked to take his family portrait with his lovely wife – Vicky and two of their darling boys.

Meet Billy and Jay !

Billy, he’s not your usual kid. he don’t go for toys I’ve prepared for him as I expected (teddy bears, big colourful ball, bubbles…etc), instead he went for bigger sized such as my studio metal door, mirror, standing fan, studio lights…etc) Only his dad and mom and I knew how hard it is to have him sit still posing for us , but he’s a darling, a sweet kid

Jay, laughs at anything ! What a bonus, isn’t it? The only time he doesn’t laugh is when he demands his napping time : )

We all had a great time at the studio. Just splendid time spend together !

Something extra’s as always for my client ( behind the scene video )

Wendy & Melvin love story {Engagement}

Summary: It’s the engagement dinner and especially a special night for me seeing my best buddy for over 20 years now is finally tying the knot and marrying his spouse for eternity, Wendy. Although I only met Wendy not more than three times as of today but there is no doubt that I believe she’s the one for my buddy and I’m just happy for both of them together starting a family. ┬áCongratulations once again, Melvin & Wendy ! Hope you like our photos and videos on your special night : )

Trailer version

Photo Slideshow

Video + Photo Slideshow (Director cut & longer version)

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