Short Review on Malaysia Wedding x Portrait photography workshop @ Cameron Highland 馬來西亞與台灣婚禮及人像攝影分享會 21-22/6 金馬倫 {Workshop}

Summary: What a weekend to spend with a group of passionate wedding & portrait photographers at the peak of Cameron Highland, Malaysia. Daran Wu (Taiwanese renowned wedding photographer) and I met last year when I was in Taiwan and we both came up with the idea of why not gathered together photographers whom we know from our respective country and passionate about learning new knowledge under a workshop with Daran and myself as the speakers. At the end of the 2 days 1 night workshop, we are both glad to received they’re satisfied and happy feedback throughout the trip. Most importantly, the openess and sharing our ideas makes us all became great friends to be with despite the shortness of time we’ve spend together. They’ve shared their short-coming and strength in their photography and we’ve shared ours. There’s nothing to hide in the topics we’ve shared among us during and after the workshop. We’ve even stayed till late midnight at the hotel they stayed in KL after our trip back from Cameron Highland purely discussing the differences of their wedding photography industry with ours. To me, that’s what photography really means, which is to meet people through journey & experiences and not the view finder on our camera and to me it carries a much greater meaning and greater weight to what we do as a photographer.

It’s our first experience and we’ve learned a lot and definitely there are rooms for improve, but overall I’m happy with the result. We’ve received positive comments of our professional talents including the make-up artist, models, the transportation arrangements, accommodation, sponsors of professional lighting equipment, we give our highest appreciation to their support we’ve received to this event ! We’re definitely doing this again next year and better !

這次的活動,準備良久,從去年與Daran Wu (台灣知名婚禮攝影師)在台灣見面及商討這計劃到現在已圓滿結束,時間過的還真快的。這次活動的構思盼能集合馬來西亞與台灣涉及婚禮攝影的攝影師們的一個交流平台,也許在大家分享兩地婚禮不同之處,大家能在各自的攝影上有些新的啓發,新的思維。很欣慰的是在這兩天一夜的活動之後,大家都給予我們活動上的模特兒,化妝師,贊助等等給予好評,尤其對我們大馬的景點及食物更是讚不絕口,臉上超有光的(面子)。這次的活動也讓大家成為對攝影課題無所不談的朋友,這就是攝影的真諦吧!一個人是拍不完全世界的,只有通過分享,我們才能對攝影的前路更有憧憬,更加熱衷投身於我們的攝影工作。


Co-speaker/ Photography by Vincent Lee, Vincent Lee Photography
Main guest speaker / Taiwan renowned wedding photographer: Daran WuDaran Photography
Makeup : Kit Hew make-up Kit Hew
Wardrobe: Cherie Lee Make Up Cherie Lee
Model talent: Steffieliz Wong Mehrdad Ar
Special thanks to Regnum Worldwide sponsoring the use of Elinchrom professional lighting equipments during event.


Male model - photo - pose 2-mossy forest
Male model – photo – pose 2-mossy forest
1-2-3 action !
1-2-3 action !
photo - pose 1-mossy forest
photo – pose 1-mossy forest
Group photo with participants at mossy forest
Group photo with participants at mossy forest
photo - pose 1
photo – pose 1
Group photo with all the participants
Group photo with all the participants



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