Summary: This is a rather different genre of post. Today we would like to take the time expressing our gratitude to Cheryl and Dan for their support to us since their couple portrait, convocation, ROM to their family portrait with their baby boy Caiden. You have no idea how emotional we are when flipping through our client’s photo and finding a loyal customer like Cheryl and Dan been supporting us since the year of 2012 and trusting us from the beginning till this day.

Therefore, we would like to give her back something in return to show how much she and her family meant to us in coming future , they are more than just client but family members to us and we meant this. We would like to give her this very special VIP discount voucher exclusively for her.

VIP discount voucher, family portrait, baby photoshoot.
Exclusive for our dear friend and like our family members- Cheryl Caide and her family.
Baby, photo, malaysia, loyal, family, candid, moment,
Supporting us since couple with her boyfriend now husband, convocation, ROM till the arrival of baby Caiden


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