Short recap of family stories we’ve touched 2014

Summary: Thank you for all the family stories we’ve touched this year so far and even so for a short moment with your family, we hope the process spending time at our studio means something to you & your family. 在你们夫妇等待第一个小宝宝降临前的喜悦,在你们家孩子终于毕业了的喜悦,在你们一家人幸福的画面等等,感恩允许我们能参与其中。我们衷心希望你们在我们摄影棚拍摄的过程,及拍下的瞬间在你们家庭的回忆中,在你们每个家庭成员心深处占有一席重要的位置。爱,要及时。

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Stefan Germann { Family portrait }

Summary: Meet Stefan family ! I’m greatly delighted when I was called up to shoot their family portrait. Stefan has such a beautiful family, brings back great memories of many families I’ve known when I was in Canada that share the similar diversity cultural background in a family. They are so sporting which makes the photo shoot lots of fun and most importantly, a great quality time spend together !

Stefan family portrait "Having fun"
Stefan family portrait “Having fun”
Stefan family portrait "Great time"
Stefan family portrait “Great time”

VLP behind the scene making-of video slideshow :

Andrew + Vicky ‘s { Family portrait }

Andrew and Vicky with their two gorgeous boys
Andrew and Vicky with their two gorgeous boys
Meet Billy
Meet Billy
Family Fun time with blowing bubbles
Family Fun time with blowing bubbles

Summary: I’ve met Andrew through one of my photography class. His politeness in meeting everyone around him is my first impression of him. He is truly a good friend to have and I was so delighted when was asked to take his family portrait with his lovely wife – Vicky and two of their darling boys.

Meet Billy and Jay !

Billy, he’s not your usual kid. he don’t go for toys I’ve prepared for him as I expected (teddy bears, big colourful ball, bubbles…etc), instead he went for bigger sized such as my studio metal door, mirror, standing fan, studio lights…etc) Only his dad and mom and I knew how hard it is to have him sit still posing for us , but he’s a darling, a sweet kid

Jay, laughs at anything ! What a bonus, isn’t it? The only time he doesn’t laugh is when he demands his napping time : )

We all had a great time at the studio. Just splendid time spend together !

Something extra’s as always for my client ( behind the scene video )

Tan’s family { Family portrait }

Eng Family collages

Summary: It’s a special day, it’s Father’s day. I’ve came to know Tan for more than 15 years back when we’re both studied in Canada. He has been a great friend and we still keep in touch regularly when we’re back in Malaysia. I’m excited when his family booked me for their family portrait session at my studio. There’s cake, drawings from his children and great fun at the studio to celebrate this very special Father’s day for my dear friend.

Renae Rose Wong {baby party}


Party with the celebration of Renae Rose Wong new arrival to family of Joshua & Vi-Lynn
Party with the celebration of Renae Rose Wong new arrival to family of Joshua & Vi-Lynn
Party with the celebration of Renae Rose Wong new arrival to family of Joshua & Vi-Lynn
Party with the celebration of Renae Rose Wong new arrival to family of Joshua & Vi-Lynn

Summary: From engagement night to their 1st newborn arrival,  I’m so grateful once again to be a part sharing this important moment of Joshua and Lynn’s life, a party welcoming their newly added family member. Say hello to Renae Rose Wong, clearly inherited both her parents’ beauties but still too early to figure out inherited who’s personality. One thing for sure, you won’t miss out her always-big-eyes-wide-open-curious all the time with her surroundings & people that can’t resist getting her attention, including me. She also showed great interest every time my camera flashes, if she ever became a famous photographer one day, we all know who’s her early influences came from, haha.

Beautiful evening with great food and great atmosphere by the pool, it’s such a heart warming party with all their friends and relatives came together celebrating such special and joyous moment for Joshua and Lynn’s life.  Last note, I got to get myself one of this photo booth as it has became such a popular trendy thing to do for occasions like this.

Mother’s Day Special 2013

Mindy with her lovely daughter
Mindy with her lovely daughter


Summary: This year we decided to do something very special on this special date to all moms out there ! Yes, we are giving away One portrait of 8” x 12” photo print to you and your mom. Isn’t this best gift for you and your mom on this special day ? What’s the catch ? None at all ! Just something we want to give back to society, just a small gift from us to you and your mom : )

Please feel free to contact us or check out more details here  : CLICK HERE



Family portrait series 2012 {outdoor theme}

I’ve been blessed doing quite fair amount of family portrait since the beginning of this year. Outdoor has always been my favorite theme for family portrait. I’m person that loves the connection of nature surrounding and my clients which I find it relaxes them during photo shoot. Yes, in return I get the natural expression bonding between their family members and “natural” has always been my photography style approach for portrait. The experience throughout these months is somewhat overwhelming in terms of how much amount of body energy and mind to put together throughout the shooting process but  the pleasure is all mine. The price of able to deliver a series of freeze moments of my clients spending their time as a family and the smile on their face to me is priceless.