Yvonne love story {pre wedding}

Ever felt the urge to push another wedding photographer into water for fighting over a platform? Just kidding. Yes, it’s the popular floating wooden platform near Pullman Resort Putrajaya (Bottom picture) which can turn into a war zone among wedding photographers especially on the weekends. There’s always this mysterious tensions between the wedding photographers especially when they are strangers to each other. It’s like the walking dead passing by their peers with the undying moan of the damned in deep voice. Well, despite we were being late as schedule due to a International bicycle race in progress, all the roads are closed down around the Putrajaya, we still managed to reach at our destination and we were somewhat blessed as we were the only group at the platform. Don’t ask us how we got there while others failed to show up. I can’t deny the sweetness of a little victory feeling inside me. Anyway, the photo shoot of Yvonne with her love one were further blessed with great weather. In Chinese, it’s called 塞翁失马焉知非福 Misfortune sometimes might be a blessing in disguise : )

Chee Meng love story {Engagement}

How do you turn a shy couple into Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh. Set them up for kissing scene and they couldn’t care less of your existence. Well, that’s not entirely true for the case of Chee Meng and his fiancé , they were nice to notice me I’m there, occasionally : )

Family portrait series 2012 {outdoor theme}

I’ve been blessed doing quite fair amount of family portrait since the beginning of this year. Outdoor has always been my favorite theme for family portrait. I’m person that loves the connection of nature surrounding and my clients which I find it relaxes them during photo shoot. Yes, in return I get the natural expression bonding between their family members and “natural” has always been my photography style approach for portrait. The experience throughout these months is somewhat overwhelming in terms of how much amount of body energy and mind to put together throughout the shooting process but  the pleasure is all mine. The price of able to deliver a series of freeze moments of my clients spending their time as a family and the smile on their face to me is priceless.

Heavenly Dragon – A good beginning for Year 2012


Hooray! My Ang Pao arrived earlier this year. I’ve won myself a premium tea container collection from Royal Selangor earlier this week when I attended their shop’s open ceremony at 1Utama shopping mall. I am also very fortunate to receive my 1st Ang Pao and the item shown in the picture from the very soft spoken daughter of the founder of this company that was established since year 1885. It’s a premium series of tea container they specially made for this year-year of dragon, I was born on year of Dragon ! I believe the name they have for this tea container-Heavenly Dragon is a good sign for a good year for me, looking forward to work even harder this year! Happy Year of Dragon 2012 !

Our love story { Chee Meng & Poh Choo}

I couldn’t think of any more romantic day throughout the year than to celebrate your wedding anniversary with your best half on the Christmas day every year. That’s exactly what Chee Meng & Poh Choo are creating and to start their new chapter of their married life on 25 December 2011 with Christmas mood – Joy. Now the groom has no excuse to forget his wedding anniversary and the arrangement of celebration with his wife.  The bride lives very far and it was the longest trip I’ve ever followed from the bride house to groom house, the journey took 1 hour but didn’t felt like one cause I’m just as excited as the bride to capture this very important moment of their new chapter of life. It was a warm hearted, full of christmas holiday spirit throughout the wedding day & night ceremony : ) Merry Christmas, Ho ho ho !

P.S. Love the little girl loves imitating the adults yelling her lungs out “Yum Sing” with her glass of water , she is so adorable : )


Shobana love story {Pre wedding}

Putrajaya – Looking at my watch, my client won’t be arriving shortly so I thought give my car tyre some air at the petrol station and marks the beginning of chaos throughout that day, almost. One of my car back tyre went flat during the process of adding air , weird isn’t it? The four knots tighten on that flat tyre are so tight from the last car mechanic at car service. I’ve tried to loosen the knots using the came-with-the-car purchase-useless cross tool with my full strength but still failed. Scrapped off a small chunk of skin on one of my finger during the process. Luckily its the finger on the left hand, not my shooting right hand. My clothes are soaked up with sweats when my client arrived. Left my car at the petrol station and hopped in my client’s car for the shoot of the day. My shoe bottom came off and I had to borrow my client’s extra pair of sport shoe in his car. Fortunately the shoe sizes matches my feet. The shooting went on smoothly which is something I’m most grateful for that day. It only starts raining towards the end of the shooting. The rain turned heavier by the time I got back to the petrol station feeling all alone waiting the car mechanic called earlier to arrive. Waited almost an hour and get being yelled at when I make a reminder call to the the car mechanic if he’s arriving any time soon. I didn’t want to fight back with him cause I need his man to fixed my car’s tyre. An hour later they showed up, he left one of his man with me and they have better tools as it takes them less than 10 minutes finishing changing the tyre. I really need to get one of their tools at ACE hardware shop one of these days. Last and final, I couldn’t have the burger whicht was advertised in the TV commercial that makes you shines like a celebrity at the KFC outlet because the middle aged woman in front of me not only took her entire 15 -20 minutes ordering her food but also snatched the last Double Zinger burger from me. Talk about tough love on a day, this is certainly one of them. However, I’m glad I kept my head cool not to be bothered by this chain reactions of unfortunate mini-series one leading to another and finished what I came out for that day which is capturing the love story of my clients. Besides, I’m just grateful that The All Mighty above was mercy enough and gave me the daylight needed for the shoot before it turned into a wet cacophony. Thank you : )