Confidence back with Epson Malaysia

Choose your soldiers carefully, especially those you want them charge for their commander at the front line of the battlefield. You want someone that is courageous, but also smart in the battle field. You don’t need some soldier charges at a obviously outnumbered enemy site like a wild boar and get killed before he could pull his trigger to open fire. Like a virgin, his gun and bullets that hasn’t been fired lying on the ground awaits its new owner (most likely his enemy) to revive her again. You want the soldier that reports to their commander the status at enemy site and how to win the battle with smart tactics. I was surprised when Epson Malaysia contacted me and didn’t knew about my unhappy experience of their dealer (Macstream) services to me a month ago. Apparently their dealer did not report to them about the WIFI issue on my newly bought Epson printer not working properly. As mentioned in previous blog post, I was not happy with the dealer quick to collect their “miscounted” balance but missing in actions to my printer being incomplete without the WIFI / Print CD functioning accordingly. Apparently the installation CD is struggling on its compatibility to the new Lion OS System which was release at 1 July 2011. “Perhaps you should downgrade your OS system to Leopard” is the worst comment I’ve ever heard to a Mac user. That is the very word from the dealer to me on the phone. The marketing manager of Epson Malaysia apologized to me on the phone after reading my blog post on this issue and immediately set up an appointment the next morning and have the problem solved. I’m glad they took the immediate initiative and effort to claim back their customer’s confidence by fixing the problem. As simple as that, that’s how you win your customer’s brand confidence back, fixing their problem. My Epson R2000 printer is now very satisfying and running smoothly. To be fair, I’ve deleted the previous blog post to show my sincere acceptance of their apologies. This is a perfect example of how some “bad apples” in the market that is representing a corporate’s product brand can spoilt the market confidence due to their lazy after sales services, worst of all, running away from it.

Thanks, Epson Malaysia. I am looking forward (if possible) to deal directly from you guys in future when I need upgrade of printer system to my business.

Stanley Tan + Joyce Soh love story {AWD}

Fast and Furious, Lady Gaga, Angry Bird, Performer in Chinese Opera mask disguise, Queens of karaoke, all the elements during Stanley & Joyce wedding day! What a wedding. It’s my good friend’s brother’s wedding and I’m glad being offered to shoot his brother’s wedding at Jenjarom. Before this, I only knew the famous chinese temple in Jenjarom which is always crowded every year during Chinese New Year without fail. Now I learned a lot of Chinese lives there and their food are really cheap and delicious, only RM3 for a Pan Mee, you can’t get that in KL. In a Chinese wedding, the “game” before the groom gets to fetch his lady away always fascinates me. It shows you how far the “brothers” would go for their friend-groom successfully meeting his bride in the final stage. I still couldn’t forget the image of one of groom’s “brother” has to eat the fruit hanging around …you know where..with eyes covered, I can’t imagine myself doing it. No, I can’t.

At the end of the wedding, everyone has a lot of fun during the dinner session. Especially the part where Lady Gaga entertaining the crowds. She or he is really good in entertaining the crowds. I remember seeing some of the male guest kissed / dance / hugged her despite She’s actually “He”.  It was a fun wedding.


Li Pei + Teck Chee love story {AWD}


Talk about early morning, this has to be one of the earliest morning I woke up to the walking dead zombie look of myself in the mirror and I’m glad it’s much a different side of story when I arrived at my client – bride’s house. I must say Li Pei looked really stunning in her wedding gown/dresses. The timing was rather rushed during the actual wedding day of Li pei & Tech Chee due to a long 2 hour traffic jam when bride was picked up to groom’s house. Despite this little surprises in the morning, we’re all glad that everything went accordingly and smoothly.






Vincent + Cierra love story {AWD}

Summary: It’s a small world, my client turns out to be junior of my high school as I’m his senior, how bizzare fate push us to people we meet. It was a beautiful day and it was a blast experience shooting their wedding as they were a great couple to work with Congratulations to both of them!

My winning photo entry – Color Imaging Exhibition Epson 2010

One of my photo won a consolation prize from Color Imaging Photo Competition co-hosted by Epson Malaysia and Digital Camera magazine last year. The theme for the photo competition is “Celebration”, and my shot is a boy looking up the Red Lantern formations at a Chinese Temple which was shot during the Chinese New Year celebration. I remembered at the rules and regulations that the photo will be display at their exhibition sometime in year 2011. I’ve asked the Epson representative during KLPF recently about where have my winning image went just for curiosity, unfortunately none of them knew or found my answer. Finally i’ve found it by luck on the Internet, here it is (the link)

Winning photo at Color Imaging Epson 2010

Children of Taarana

Story: Being a photographer, we are blessed not with our equipments but people that we meet in our life. At least, that’s the way how I see my passion to photography and this very career path I’ve chose. I always felt we could do something more as a photographer, giving back to the society in some way with our skills. It was one of the afternoon at lunch, there is this group of teachers with a few children with mental challenge caught my attention. I took my first step by offering my volunteer work if they ever needed a photographer. It took them by surprise and so did I. I believe in people meeting people by fate and that’s exactly what happen to us. They needed a photographer urgently for a coming show of the children performing on stage. The volunteer work has paid off as the pleasure is all mine, I’ve learned so much from the children. I don’t see them any different from other children except they may have difficulty coping up with their own emotions but they are just as smart and adorable. In the view finder, I see a group of children trying very hard (fighting the mental or physical challenge) to dance on stage, best of all they are enjoying it, the experience is overwhelming for me. Their source of being happy is much simpler than the next child at a mall yelling his/her parents buying him/her for a iPad 2.


Standing tall on stage
Standing tall on stage

Children of Taarana Portraits

Assistant shooter to Louis Pang

Louis Pang, a wedding photographer based in Sabah that has made many photographer inspired with his achievement not only in Malaysia, but internationally. Despite of his long list of awards achievements in the wedding photography industry, it could be sometime intimidating with the speculating thoughts of “Is he friendly in person?”, “Is he an easy person and approachable?”, “Will I get scold by him today assisting him?”. Yes,  I am fortunate to assist him on several wedding shoots of his client and during those occasions I’m glad I came to know him as a very approachable and down to earth character person. I am glad when I was asked to be his second shooter for his client’s wedding this weekend which was held at Mentakab, Pahang. It’s a very rewarding experience for me spending time with him over the weekends because able to learned so much from him not only on this business but also the right attitude towards the business. The great personality of humbleness he portrayed himself as a well known professional photographer in this industry truly inspired me in a lot of ways including achieve better results in my work in near future. What a great way celebrating my September birthday over the weekend : )