Children of Taarana

Story: Being a photographer, we are blessed not with our equipments but people that we meet in our life. At least, that’s the way how I see my passion to photography and this very career path I’ve chose. I always felt we could do something more as a photographer, giving back to the society in some way with our skills. It was one of the afternoon at lunch, there is this group of teachers with a few children with mental challenge caught my attention. I took my first step by offering my volunteer work if they ever needed a photographer. It took them by surprise and so did I. I believe in people meeting people by fate and that’s exactly what happen to us. They needed a photographer urgently for a coming show of the children performing on stage. The volunteer work has paid off as the pleasure is all mine, I’ve learned so much from the children. I don’t see them any different from other children except they may have difficulty coping up with their own emotions but they are just as smart and adorable. In the view finder, I see a group of children trying very hard (fighting the mental or physical challenge) to dance on stage, best of all they are enjoying it, the experience is overwhelming for me. Their source of being happy is much simpler than the next child at a mall yelling his/her parents buying him/her for a iPad 2.


Standing tall on stage
Standing tall on stage

Children of Taarana Portraits

Assistant shooter to Louis Pang

Louis Pang, a wedding photographer based in Sabah that has made many photographer inspired with his achievement not only in Malaysia, but internationally. Despite of his long list of awards achievements in the wedding photography industry, it could be sometime intimidating with the speculating thoughts of “Is he friendly in person?”, “Is he an easy person and approachable?”, “Will I get scold by him today assisting him?”. Yes,  I am fortunate to assist him on several wedding shoots of his client and during those occasions I’m glad I came to know him as a very approachable and down to earth character person. I am glad when I was asked to be his second shooter for his client’s wedding this weekend which was held at Mentakab, Pahang. It’s a very rewarding experience for me spending time with him over the weekends because able to learned so much from him not only on this business but also the right attitude towards the business. The great personality of humbleness he portrayed himself as a well known professional photographer in this industry truly inspired me in a lot of ways including achieve better results in my work in near future. What a great way celebrating my September birthday over the weekend : )

Our love story {Lynn + Joshua PW 2011}

I came to know Jenny Sun’s work 2 years ago and great admire for her talent & passion in what she does best in wedding photography industry. I always believe there’s something extra special that you can learn from a female’s perspective in photography, their sensitive to details element in their photos fascinates me always. I quickly reserve my seats when I heard she’s coming to town organizing this amazing photography workshop. It’s a 3 day intensive workshop in terms of forcing you to think/plan/execute the business side of photography (If you serious to start photography as a career) that I think worth every penny in my pocket enrolling this amazing workshop. I strongly urge anyone that has an interest or in the midst of starting out their photography business, grab hold of her (or her workshop) when she’s in town. In the mean time you can check her website , you can visit her facebook here at or just check out her blog (still in use for now) at

The photos taken were for assignment shoots, thanks for viewing : )

Our love story {Pauline + Yi Khai}

Here’s a sneak preview of a Light Painted Wedding. Due to the couple’s request, other photos will have to wait for further notice & approval for online viewing purpose. Thanks to Sean Liew Photography that allow me to follow on this photo shoot out occasion and all credit to Sean Liew’s creativity/concept contribution to the shoot out. Any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me also. Thanks.

Photo Tour arrangements

Dear All,

Backpacker at heart started from year 2007, I’ve traveled to countries like Vietnam (Saigon – Hanoi) , Cambodia (Siem Reap) , Myanmar (Yangon-Mandalay-Bagan-Inle Lake) and Laos. I’ve gained well vast of knowledge being your travel guide / photo guide to these countries. This include arrangement of accommodations, transport, entrance tickets to heritage places (if any), meal, model shooting (upon request) and hidden paradise of these beautiful countries I’ve came to know throughout years of traveling & the sharing from the locals. Don’t take ordinary travel photos, take photos with stories that attach to your heart & journey experiences. Don’t be an ordinary tourist not learning the local cultures & foods that you should try. I will guide you in these areas from my past experience and most importantly enjoying the whole trip with a group of people shared the same interest (Backpacker at heart) & making new friends : )

If you have a group of friends need my service as above,  or you’re alone but want to check with me on any tour availability, please check with me !

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Our love story {Daniel + Angel AWD2011}

26 February: It’s a big day for Daniel, I was honored to be appointed to be their photographer for their actual wedding day. I came to know Daniel and his newly married wife Angle via common friends and badminton game session on Wednesday. Both Daniel and Angel were very easy going person to hang out with and many friends love that about them, including me.  I had good memories hanging out with them but to be part of this happiest moment of them together as newly married husband and wife is something else. It was such a wonderful weekend to spend at Bukit Mertajam to witnessed their love & marriage.